Whiskey Raeburn 40% 200ml

Raeburn blend whiskey is matured in high quality fresh oak barrels for three years. It is blended from single malt scotch mixed with three year grain whiskey. This whiskey has its own style and character brought from the best distilleries in Scotland, with a bright bouquet and flavour that will be enjoyed by all real whiskey connoisseurs.
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The Raeburn Blend of Old Scotch Whiskey (RBOSW) - began its history in the mid-1980s.
At that time they talked about it as about a blended luxury whiskey. Since then, Scottish blending masters have continued to improve this product based on the authentic blend used in the 1980s.
 Raeburn is a 40-degree 3-year-old Scottish blended high-quality whiskey, ripening in oak barrels for three years. This is a whiskey with its own style and character has a bright bouquet, character and taste that can give true pleasure to whiskey lovers.
The composition consists mainly of single malt Scotch whiskey mixed with a three-year grain. Raeburn whiskey ingredients were carefully selected from Scotland's finest distilleries. Each of them has its own style and character, but in the bulk, they turn into a harmonious Blended Scotch Whiskey Raeburn.
It has a rich aroma with hints of malt, licorice, cream and nuts, as well as light notes of peat smoke. The taste is soft and well balanced.
The whiskey label shows Sir Alasdair Ronaldson, head of the Mac Donnel clan of Glengarry, painted by the famous Scottish portrait painter Sir Henry Reburn (1756-1823).

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