Wild Duck Vodka is another premium Belarusian vodka made exclusively from natural ingredients. The vodka has a crystal glistening, lemon aroma and soft taste, giving distinctive qualities.
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Buy 1 case (20 bottles) and get 10% OFF Discount!

Buy 1 case (20 bottles) and get 10% OFF Discount!

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Vodka Zubrovka 40% Alc 500ml

Original Polish Vodka distilled at the Polmos Bialystok Distillery. In the region vodka has been flavoured with Bison Grass for over 600 years. The vodka carries a lightly pungent herbal quality on both the nose and the palate, it brings quite a unique flavour of bison grass to your nose.

Vodka Russkaya 40% Alc 700ml

RUSSKAYA IS THE BENCHMARK FOR A VODKA AT HOMELAND OF VODKA. RUSSKAYA IS MORE THAN JUST A BRAND, IT'S A PROMISE TO GIVE A CONSUMER THE TRUE VODKA FROM THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. Made in Russia, 6 times distilled and 20 times filtered, Russkaya is a superb vodka. Distilled from wheat, rye and malted barley. It is made with naturally spring-softened water, and even undergoes filtration through both quartz and birch coal. This is an extraordinarily rich, bread-like vodka.
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Vodka USSR 40% Alc 500ml

It is an original Belarusian vodka and prepared with high-quality grain alcohol. It has a characteristic vodka aroma and soft taste. It is a pure, clean and ultra-smooth vodka, with pleasing texture and classic Vodka aroma.

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Tasting Notes: Three Hills is a top fermented beer which can surprise classic lager lovers and connoisseurs of craft beer. It is distinguished by richness of taste with a mild sweet malt character. New hop variety “Polaris” gives herbal and minty notes to the drink.

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Tasting Notes: This is a delightful beer with a unique taste, brewed with a double dose of natural bee honey. A combination of the knowledge of old Polish brewers and mead makers