Vodka Cranberry Pushyanskaya 40% Alc 500ml

The nose dry, perfumed and berry-like; aeration stirs the intense cranberry aroma and the bouquet is fresh and ripe. The palate entry is authentically cranberry-like; by mid palate the taste is harmonious, in concert with the alcohol base, and delightfully sweet. The finish is a little more pedestrian.
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Whisky Village Road 40% 500ml

Village Road is a blended whiskey with wide range of flavours, a variety of colours. It is a combination of two pure rye and malt distillates produced from selected Belarusian grain. Distillation process spend at least 12 months in American and Hungarian wood oak barrels and acquired the required aroma with a strong oak base. It has floral tones, pleasant sweetness and smoky finish which love by whiskey lovers.
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Beer Baltika 0 Grapefruit 0% Alc 330ml

Tasting Notes: Baltika 0 Grapefruit is a refreshing, unfiltered alcohol free beer with a rich intense flavor and grapefruit juice. This is a completely new taste in the range, which will allow you to freshen up and enjoy every moment throughout the day. Great as a mixer as well!
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Picture of Dry Apple Cider Antonowka Lubelski 4.5% 400ml

Dry Apple Cider Antonowka Lubelski 4.5% 400ml

Tasting Notes: This dry cider is made using Polish Antonowka yellow apples. These late season apples give the cider a unique flavour. Left unfiltered and 100% made from apples, not concentrate,carbonated naturally with no preservatives
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Picture of Seltzer YPSO WATERMELON 5.5% 330ml

Seltzer YPSO WATERMELON 5.5% 330ml

The new category Hard Seltzer has already hit like a bomb in the US, now also arriving in the New Zealand market. YPSO Hard Seltzer is the perfect mixture of wine, sparkling water and natural aroma, offered in three stunning flavours you cannot resist: Lime, Coconut and watermelon. Perfectly aligned with the young lifestyle of the target group: it´s vegan, gluten free, less calorie, and has 5.5% vol. In comparison with other conventional, flavoured, wine-based beverages, YPSO still manages to stand out and steal .everyone’s spotlight.
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Vodka Pine Nut Pushyanskaya 40% Alc 500ml

Like the other Belalco brands this vodka is distilled in a very unique way. The pine nut vodka is the colour and smell of musty antique furniture with a bit of polish thrown in. Strong on pallet and smooth on nose makes it a perfect drink to enjoy.
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Vodka Soplica Walnuss 30% 500ml

Soplica – one of the most recognized spirits brands in Poland – is the brainchild of Bolesław Kasprowicz, who established the Manufacturing Plant of Vodkas and Liquors in the city of Gniezno. The first bottle of Soplica was produced in 1891, as proven by a replica of that bottle, which exists to this day, and can be found in the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno.