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Gin Blackcurrant Cross Keys 38% 700ml

Cross Keys Gin with a blush of black currant pleases the taste buds with a palette of northern summer flavours and light sweetness for easy enjoyment. We recommend to try it with two parts of tonic water and just one or two ice cubes. No need for garnishing – enjoying pink Cross Keys Gin simplicity is the key.

Gin Original Cross Keys 41% 700ml

Cross Keys is characterized by rich sweetness of wild flowers and trees blooming in short Northern summers. It is joined by the sappy explosion of birch buds and a refreshing hint of mint on the one hand, and anchored by classical spices like black pepper and cloves on the other.

Whiskey Raeburn 40% 200ml

Buy 1 case (25 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! “Raeburn” is a high-quality blended whiskey, aged in oak barrels for three years. This whiskey has its own style and character, with a bright bouquet and flavour that will be enjoyed by all real whiskey connoisseurs.

Whisky Village Road 40% 500ml

Village Road is a blended whiskey. We use a combination of two pure rye and malt distillates produced from selected Belarusian grains and malts and distilled in a classic copper still.

CLEARANCE - Liqueur Prune Sorbet - 18% Alc 500ml

Sorbet Prunes on brandy - a sweet, fragrant tincture with a pronounced flavor of prunes and a rich amber color. The tincture is made on the basis of natural mors from prunes, with the addition of cocoa infusion, which creates a delicate and unique taste, which, undoubtedly, will be remembered and will give a great mood. Use this tincture is best in pure form.
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Barrister Dry Gin 40% 700ml

Barrister Dry Gin is the first gin in the Barrister family. It became the first Russian Gin marketed internationally. Having received a number of international awards and medals during the first two years of production, Barrister Dry has become in 2018 the most popular gin in Russia.

Liqueur Riga Balsam Blackcurrant 30% Alc 500ml

Select volume deal and get a % discount! A contemporary herbal bitter featuring the Riga Black Balsam Original, with a dash of vivid currant.

Liqueur Riga Balsam Cherry 30% Alc 500ml

Select volume deal and get a % discount! Original, modern and unique flavour, combining Riga Black Balsam Original with a touch of cherry and an air of sensuality.

Liqueur Riga Balsam Espresso 40% Alc 500ml

Select volume deal and get a % discount! Riga Black Balsam Espresso is an exceptional twist of Riga Black Balsam essence and 100% finest Arabica coffee bean extract, with a delicate touch of cinnamon on the top.

Liqueur Riga Balsam Original 45% Alc 500ml

Select volume deal and get a % discount! A perfect and balanced blend of carefully selected botanicals achieves the authentic bitter taste, providing an exciting and breathtaking experience.

Brandy Ararat 3 stars 40% 500ml

This name belonged to a mountain on the territory of Ancient Armenia, where, according to legend, Noah's Ark stopped after the Great Flood described in the Bible. Holy Mount Ararat has always been considered a symbol of Armenia. Brandy ARARAT 3, 4 and 5 stars enjoy a special success, fascinating with softness, harmony of flavors and unique aroma of high-quality Armenian brandy.

Barrister Orange Gin 43% 700ml

The unique process of aromatic spirits production allows us to get exceptional taste of new Barrister Orange Gin. The strength of 43% allows to create cocktails with an intense aroma of ripe oranges. This gin, initially created for the cocktails, could be also consumed in its pure form.