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Edgerton Original Pink Gin 43% 700ml

This distinct gin doesn't just owe its character to its rosy hue. Distilled with 15 botanicals, including damiana and grains of paradise, the 86 proof Edgerton Original Pink Dry Gin masters the tender balance of sweet floral citrus and classic dry spice. Trying it with some tonic and a slice of lemon on a summer's evening is really when this gin comes into its own, no doubt thanks to the delicious fusion of juniper and cinchona. Its colour is owed to a hint of pomegranate, added just after distillation but it's really the refreshing finish that'll stick to your mind!

Queen's Gin 40% 500ml

Buy 1 case (12 bottles) and get 5% OFF Queen’s Gin - a strong alcoholic drink with the addition of juniper, which gives the drink its special taste. Gin has a bright dry harmonious character, with a distinct flavour of ginger and lemon. A distinctive feature of Queen`s is its thorough filtration, which passes all the components of the drink. Thanks to high production standards, it is possible to create a gin of truly high quality, truly worthy of the Queen's taste.

Queen's Raspberry Gin 40% 500ml

This taste of Queen's raspberry gin can beсome a discovery, both for lovers of gin and for people who have not been familiar with gin yet. The strong, crisp juniper flavour of male gin Queen's is balanced by light, natural sweetness of ripe raspberries. It is perfect to serve it on rocks in a large glass with tonic and fresh raspberries.

Whiskey Raeburn 40% 200ml

Buy 1 case (25 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! “Raeburn” is a high-quality blended whiskey, aged in oak barrels for three years. This whiskey has its own style and character, with a bright bouquet and flavour that will be enjoyed by all real whiskey connoisseurs.

CLEARANCE - Liqueur Prune Sorbet - 18% Alc 500ml

Sorbet Prunes on brandy - a sweet, fragrant tincture with a pronounced flavor of prunes and a rich amber color. The tincture is made on the basis of natural mors from prunes, with the addition of cocoa infusion, which creates a delicate and unique taste, which, undoubtedly, will be remembered and will give a great mood. Use this tincture is best in pure form.
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