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Vodka Gorilochka Wheat 40% Vol 500ml

Choose 2 bottles option and get a discount! Gorilochka Vodka is a product filled with the national Ukrainian flavour. This is a real vodka that has retained the strength of spirit and greatness, culture and temperament, historical memory and traditions, hard work, and generosity of our people.

Vodka Pervatch 56% 500ml

The stronger alcohol percentage vodka with unique distillation process it has an extremely mild taste and neutral aroma.

Vodka Soplica 40% 500ml

Soplica – one of the most recognized spirits brands in Poland – is the brainchild of Bolesław Kasprowicz, who established the Manufacturing Plant of Vodkas and Liquors in the city of Gniezno. The first bottle of Soplica was produced in 1891, as proven by a replica of that bottle, which exists to this day, and can be found in the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno.
$35.00 $30.00