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CLEARANCE - Wine Blue Nun Sparkling Silver Non-alc. 200ml

best before 11.2020 Blue Nun SPARKLING ALC. FREE is a high-quality sparkler with a full, crisp flavour. Light, fresh and fruity taste with a hint of citrus for everyone who likes to enjoy excellent sparkling wine without alcohol. A great aperitif perfect for celebrations and special occasions or enjoyed on its own.
$4.99 $1.89

Wine Amber Dry Kakhuri #8 Teliani Valley 12.5% 750ml

This Amber semi-dry wine is made from Rkatsiteli grown in Kakheti region. Wine has light pale-straw colour. With primary light aromas, you’ll feel ripe white fruit, white cherries jam and pear taste. Together with sweetness, the wine has pleasant acidity.
$142.99 $123.49

Wine Blue Nun Alcohol Free White 750ml

Buy 1 case (6 bottles) and get $5 OFF Discount! Blue Nun ALCOHOL-FREE WHITE WINE is a fruity and well-balanced non-alcoholic wine made from top quality German grapes. This delicious ALCOHOL-FREE WHITE wine has a round, fresh and fruity character and is suitable to drink as an aperitif, with light food or simply on its own. Alcohol content: not more than 0.5% by volume.

Wine Blue Nun Authentic White 10 % Alc 750ml

Buy a case and get 5% off Tasting Notes: Aromatic, fruity wine and racy comes with the delicate grape for more balance, softness, and depth of fruit flavour all combined to give even more enjoyment and pleasure.

Wine Blue Nun Eiswein 10% Alc 500ml

Blue Nun EISWEIN is the ultimate natural German Ice Wine in terms of quality and refinement. This EISWEIN shows sweet, rich peach fruit with a fine apple palate and some lemon notes. A fine sweetness on the finish rewards with intense grapey fruit.

Wine Blue Nun Ice Premium 8.50% Alc 375ml

Buy 1 case (12 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Blue Nun PREMIUM ICE is an ultimate German premium dessert wine in terms of quality and refinement. Blue Nun Premium ICE is exclusively produced from grapes that are being picked at temperatures below -1 °C or colder. Every drop of this hand-made PREMIUM Wine is truly precious.