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Wine Alazanis red Badagoni 10% Alc 750ml

Badagoni, Alazani Valley - red semisweet wine with long pleasant taste and magnificent aroma. Wine is obtained in Kakheti - Eastern Georgia, long famous for its amazing wines.

Wine Grammy Mukuzani 12% alc 750ml

Mukuzani is both a style of wine and a vineyard within the Kakheti province, produced in the Republic of Georgia since the 1880s. It’s a dry, red wine made exclusively from Saperavi grapes.

Wine Khvanchkara Grammy Mimino 12% alc 750ml

Khvanchkara is a naturally-semisweet Georgian red wine. There is the term Real Georgian wine, and there is a real Khvanchkara. Khvanchkara wine of this series is made with all severity from the grape variety of Alexandrouli and Mujuretuli, grown in Ambrolaursky district of Georgia. Without the addition of other less rare varieties of grapes.

Wine Kindzmarauli Bagadoni 750ml 10% alc

Wine Badagoni, Kindzmarauli is made from selected grapes Saperavi grown in Kindzmarauli micro-zone, adjacent to the terrain Khaveli. The grapes for this wine are harvested by hand at sunset. This democratic wine is produced in accordance with the Georgian winemaking traditions and suitable for daily use.

Wine Kindzmarauli Grammy Mimino 11,5% alc 750ml

Kindzmarauli comes the best with the meat, cooked on the grill, perfect with desserts and fruits. This is one of the most famous wines of the Kakheti region, it has a very delicate and velvety taste, as it is obtained from the Saperavi grape variety.