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Super Price! Wine Blue Nun Riesling 11% Alc 750ml

Buy 1 case (12 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! There is almost no other wine that is so defining for German white wine like the Riesling. With its racy acidity and a true firework of aromas, the Riesling has become the fashionable drink of modern epicures.

Super price! Wine Medinet Blanc White 750ml

Buy 1 case (6 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! This is a white Rhone blend of sauvignon blanc, Marsanne, Chardonnay. its delicate, well-balanced fruit aromas and refreshing finish.

Wine Alazanis valley white 10% 750ml

This semi-sweet white wine is made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety. It is bright gold with dominant aromas of dried fruits and lemon pie. Good companion for fruit salads and tarts and ice cream.

Wine Blue Nun Alcohol Free White 750ml

Buy 1 case (12 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Blue Nun ALCOHOL-FREE WHITE WINE is a fruity and well-balanced non-alcoholic wine made from top quality German grapes. This delicious ALCOHOL-FREE WHITE wine has a round, fresh and fruity character and is suitable to drink as an aperitif, with light food or simply on its own. Alcohol content: not more than 0.5% by volume.

Wine Blue Nun Authentic White 10 % Alc 750ml

Aromatic, fruity and racy - that is how connoisseurs love their wines from the River Rhine. The Blue Nun AUTHENTIC WHITE has a fine balance, softness, and depth of fruit flavour.

Wine Blue Nun Eiswein 10% Alc 375ml

Blue Nun EISWEIN is the ultimate natural German Ice Wine in terms of quality and refinement. This EISWEIN shows sweet, rich peach fruit with a fine apple palate and some lemon notes. A fine sweetness on the finish rewards with intense grapey fruit.
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