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Wine Blue Nun Alcohol Free Red 750ml

Buy 1 case (12 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Blue Nun ALCOHOL-FREE RED WINE is made from top quality full-ripened grapes. A lovely balanced ALCOHOL-FREE red wine, which is best enjoyed with meat, pasta, barbeque dishes and cheese or as a day-to-day drink. Alcohol content: not more than 0.5% by volume.

Wine Bull's Blood Red 750ml 10% alc

Sweet red wine, alc.10% vol. It is a lively and fresh red wine made from several varieties coupage: Burgundy, Sangiovese, Merlot and Muscat Hamburg. Flavour of this sweet wine gets you thinking of forest fruits. The wine is dense, with a strong personality.

Wine Feteasca Neagra semi-dry red 11,0% Alc 750ml

Wine from the unique autochthonous grape variety of Feteasca Neagra, grown on vineyards, has a velvety taste and a pleasant aftertaste. The complex rich aroma of black forest berries with floral notes, as well as deep pomegranate colour, distinguish it among red wines.

Wine Grammy Mukuzani 12% alc 750ml

Mukuzani is both a style of wine and a vineyard within the Kakheti province, produced in the Republic of Georgia since the 1880s. It’s a dry, red wine made exclusively from Saperavi grapes.

Wine Granate red Stradivari 11% Alc 750ml

Grape wine is a natural semi-sweet red wine. Made from selected grapes of late harvest, grown in the central zone of Moldova. It is recommended to serve to dessert and fruits at room temperature.