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12-pack Beer Bavik Super Pils 5.2% 330ml

1894 was a very special year: it was the year when the one true Bavik Super Pils was born. And the Bavik Super Pils has made its own way to quality and taste ever since.

24-pack Beer Cornelissen Luxury Lager 5.5% Alc 330ml

Our luxury lager beer, brewed according to the old traditional Belgian brewing method of lager beer. A tasty and refreshing lager beer with a perfect mixture of carefully chosen hops and malts. A real authentic proud Belgian lager beer.
$65.00 $49.99

24-pack Beer King Mule IPA 5.7% Alc 330ml

King Mule IPA is a full-flavoured, traditional Belgian IPA. It’s unfiltered, with bright citrus aromas and a bold hop finish. This beer is brewed according to old-school Belgian brewing methods and contains a complex array of natural ingredients, including coriander and tangerine. It has a hoppy, robust, and smooth flavour that’s totally unique and royally refreshing.
$70.00 $55.00

24-pack Beer Kriekenbier Lager 4.5% Alc 330ml

Belgian cherry beers are world-renowned, and Kriekenbier is in a class all its own. This cherry lager is a unique combination of our Belgian traditional lager beer mixed with fresh, local cherry juice. It’s an amazingly refreshing beer with a pleasant, fruity character and a smooth, lightly-malted finish. Kriekenbier has a vibrant, unique taste with a prideful aroma of cherries and a foamy head that represents generations of Belgian brewing heritage.
$87.99 $79.99

24-pack Beer Limburgse Witte Pear Apple 4.2% Alc 330ml

Our Limburgse Witte enriched with artisan-crafted juice of delicious, natural pears and apples. A sparkling and proud wheat beer. A festive salute to our beloved fruit region.
$70.00 $55.00

24-pack Beer Pax Pilsner 5.0% Alc 330ml

Pax Pils, a refreshing lager, is Brouwerij Cornelissen’s flagship beer. This clear, golden-yellow beer is brewed using traditional methods and was described as “a really tasty lager that boasts an age-old traditional flavour and brewing process” by beer guru Michael Jackson back in 1993.
$65.00 $49.99