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Beer Baltika 3 - Can 4.8 Alc 900ml

SUPER DEAL! 12-PACK ONLY $41.99 best before 10.07.2021 A classical European pilsner brewed with bitter and aroma hop. The only Russian beer also brewed in Germany.

Beer Baltika 7 - 5.4% Alc 450ml

The launch of the Baltika #7 Export brand was timed to the Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg in 1994. Since then the Baltika #7 has steadily been the market leader at the top of the premium segment.

Beer Baltika 7 Lager - 5.4% Alc 900ml

Buy 4-pack or 12-pack and get the discount price Tasting Notes: A dortmunder/export lager style, Baltika No. 7 has a distinctively soft taste with a pleasantly refreshing aftertaste. Due to elite aroma hops, the harmonious taste of Baltika No. 7 has fresh, slightly bitter accents and pronounced hop aroma with subtle alcohol notes.

Beer Baltika 7 Smooth 4.7% Bottle 440ml

Tasting Notes: Easy drinking and soft taste is achieved by multi-level filtration, which creates a taste that will appeal to many connoisseurs of light lagers. Spicy floral-hop aroma and pleasant aftertaste without pronounced bitterness favorably distinguish the taste from other brands of light beer.
$49.80 $39.80

Beer Gubernija Unfiltered Lager 5% 568ml

Light golden colour, perfectly balanced in taste and aroma, the beer is designed for those who appreciate naturally maintained turbidity. Hops/malt: Two types of barley malt (Pilsner and Munich), malting barley, aromatic Saphir and bitter hops. Colour: Yellow straw, Hazy, Strong dense foam. Taste: Malty bread sweetness, Low bitterness with peppery herbal taste.

Beer Lager with Honey Staropolski Bottle 4.7% 500ml

Tasting Notes: This is a delightful beer with a unique taste, brewed with a double dose of natural bee honey. A combination of the knowledge of old Polish brewers and mead makers