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Beer Coffee Stout Alc-Free ROAD RUNNER Kehrwieder 330ml

Our Road Runner - Coffee Stout alcohol-free is the perfect fusion of non-alcoholic beer and coffee, with beans directly from the coffee farmers and roasted in Hamburg by Quijote Coffee. You have a long night ahead of you and want to keep a clear head? The Road Runner skimpy on alcohol, but not on caffeine.

Beer IPA Alc-Free UNN Kehrwieder 330ml

Our überNormalNull (ü.NN) is not only the first German India Pale Ale alcohol-free but also the first alcohol-free beer that you drink because you want, not because you have to. Fully packed with fantastic aromatic hops, paired with a pleasant malt body, a moderate bitterness and brewed with a yeast that cannot ferment malt sugar, without any manipulation.

Beer India Pale Lager PROTOTYP Kehrwieder 5.9% 330ml

Seven weeks of storage on aromatic hops give our strong, cold-hopped lager its unique taste and fruity aroma. It combines the fruitiness of a pale ale with the lightness of a camp. The multiple award-winning prototype was not only our first beer, but the first of its kind in Germany.

Vodka Bear Force Powerful 40% Alc 700ml

Limited stock! Bear Force is an ultra-premium vodka brand. Its unique recipe combines Bear’s wort, taiga honey and 10 unique hand-selected botanicals from the Altai Mountains, naturally brewed grain spirits, crystal clear water. Each batch is personally hand-blended by a master blender and tested by a master taster.

12-pack Beer Bavik Super Pils 5.2% 330ml

1894 was a very special year: it was the year when the one true Bavik Super Pils was born. And the Bavik Super Pils has made its own way to quality and taste ever since.

6-pack Beer Bavik Super Wit 5% 330ml

THE NOT SO SECRET SUPER POWERS OF THIS BELGIAN WIT? Orange peel and coriander are added during the last stage of brewing. Bam! It immediately adds extra punch and intensity, while the beer is still very drinkable and refreshing. This super reference has everything to pleasantly surprise lovers of wheat beer!

Beer Cherry & Chocolate PETRUS NITRO 8.5% 330ml

This unique beer obtains its complex character thanks to the roasted malts and the cherries, but what makes it truly unique, is the technology our brewers used to add nitrogen into the bottle. The delicious notes of chocolate, coffee and cherries will take over your tastebuds!

Beer Cherry Red By Petrus 8.5% 330ml

Would you like to taste an intriguing beer? Then RED is definitely something for you. A beer for those who dare to take a risk. It has a full and powerful taste, with a pleasant cherry flavour. Be warned: it’s a very smooth beer.

Beer Herkenrode Cister Bottle 6.5% Alc 750ml

GOLD MEDAL @ WORLD BEER AWARDS 2019, BRONZE MEDAL @ AIBA AWARDS 2018 !! A new beer of Herkenrode being launched from August 15th, 2017. From the foundation in 1182 till the French revolution the Cistercian nuns brewed their own Abbey beer.

Beer Limburgse Witte 5.0% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Winner of the Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards in 2018, Limburgse Witte True Original is a classic high-fermented Belgian wheat beer. A true Belgian wheat beer, it’s an amazing white beer brewed according to the traditional Belgian method of brewing unfiltered wheat beer.