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Beer Cherry Bestbir Staropolski Bottle 4.7% 500ml

Tasting Notes: Open vat fermented Polish cherry beer. Unlike a Belgian kriek as it has a sweeter more biscuity flavour and is a more sessionable at 4.7% ABV

Beer Kozel Dark - 3.8% Alc 500ml

The aroma is simply of clean toasted grains. Flavour is the same initially, not overpoweringly dark in flavour, moving to slight sweetness.

Beer Lager with Honey Staropolski Bottle 4.7% 500ml

Tasting Notes: This is a delightful beer with a unique taste, brewed with a double dose of natural bee honey. A combination of the knowledge of old Polish brewers and mead makers

Beer Lech 5.0% alc 500ml

Tasting Notes: Lech is from the region of Wielkopolska in West Poland. An easy to drink classic beer made with selected proportions of pale malt and a balanced addition of Marynka and Lubelski Polish hops, Lech's smooth taste and high carbonation offers consumers the perfect refreshment.

Beer Tyskie 5.5% Alc 500ml

Buy 1 case (20 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Tasting Notes: Polish pilsner malt, a delicate aroma of hops and with a subtle aroma of apple and banana. Tyskie is the only Polish beer to twice win the "Beer Oscars" - Grand Prix at The British Brewing Industry Awards, the most prestigious beer competition in the world.

Beer Warka 5.5% Alc 500ml

It has clear medium gold colour with the aroma of cereal, caramel, citrus and buttered biscuit.

Beer Zhiguli Barnoe EXPORT 4.8% Alc 330ml

Super Sale! 24-pack only $43 best before 01.05.2021 Zhiguli Barnoe Export is a well-balanced golden beer with an attractive aroma and refreshing taste. Its light astringent taste makes you feel a great delight. Having tried once it’s impossible to stop!
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Beer Zubr PL 6% Alc - 0.5L

Tasting Notes: Żubr has a full body consisting of medium sweetness and smooth bitterness. A pleasant hoppy aroma combined with an accent of caramel.

Beer Zywiec 500ml 5.6% alc

Tasting Notes: An uncomprimising Polish lager. Light in colour and flavour brewed using only malt, hops and crystal clear mountain water.

Beer Zywiec Porter Bottle 9.5% 500ml

Tasting Notes: Żywiec Porter, pronounced "je-vi-ets", is a dark, strong beer brewed according to the traditional recipe from 1881, with the Munich malt and special malts for caramel and colour plus the highest quality aromatic hops. One of the worlds top 50 porters.

Beer Gubernija Brown Ale 5.9% Can 568ml

This dark beer is full of taste and aroma. It has delicate aromas of fruit and mild honey. The beer is topped with a thick and long-lasting foam that gives the appearance nobility Hops/malt: Barley malt, wheat malt and hops. Colour: Rich dark brown, Long beige foam. Taste: Rich malty sweetness, Light bitterness, Coffee like.

Beer Gubernija Traditional Bock 6% Can 568ml

Easy to drink, light-colored beer with delicate malt aroma and balanced taste. Hops/malt: Barley malt, malting barley, caramel barley malt, maize groats, aromatic and bitter hops. Colour: Clear, Light golden colour, Long-lasting white foam. Taste: Full-bodied malty, Light caramel tones, Light hoppy bitterness, Long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

Beer Gubernija Unfiltered Lager 5% 568ml

Light golden colour, perfectly balanced in taste and aroma, the beer is designed for those who appreciate naturally maintained turbidity. Hops/malt: Two types of barley malt (Pilsner and Munich), malting barley, aromatic Saphir and bitter hops. Colour: Yellow straw, Hazy, Strong dense foam. Taste: Malty bread sweetness, Low bitterness with peppery herbal taste.

Beer Gubernija Wheat Hefeweizen 4.8% Can 568ml

Perfectly balanced wheat beer, with aromas of fruit and cloves in harmony with the sour taste of real wheat beer. Hops/malt: Wheat malt, barley malt and hops Colour: Light straw, Hazy, Strong dense foam. Taste: Fruity and flowery, Light sourness and bitterness, Spicy.

Beer Three Hills Pale Ale 4.9% Alc 1L

Tasting Notes: Three Hills is a top fermented beer which can surprise classic lager lovers and connoisseurs of craft beer. It is distinguished by richness of taste with a mild sweet malt character. New hop variety “Polaris” gives herbal and minty notes to the drink.

Beer India Pale Lager PROTOTYP Kehrwieder 5.9% 330ml

Seven weeks of storage on aromatic hops give our strong, cold-hopped lager its unique taste and fruity aroma. It combines the fruitiness of a pale ale with the lightness of a camp. The multiple award-winning prototype was not only our first beer, but the first of its kind in Germany.