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SUPER SPECIAL! Beer Limburgse Witte Raspberry Rose 3.5% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Fruity raspberry Take the Limburg White Enig Echt as a base, add raspberry to it and the result is a tradition-rich wheat beer that seduces you with its sweet side.
$21.99 $14.99

Beer Limburgse Witte 5.0% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Our unparalleled Belgian wheat beer. Brewed in- house with local resources according to our family principles. Unfiltered for an unsurpassed flavour.

Beer Kriekenbier Lager 4.5% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Our home brewed cherry beer. A unique combination of real Belgian lager beer mixed with refined fresh cherry juice. An amazing refreshing beer with a pleasant fruity character and a smooth lightly malted aftertaste.

Beer King Mule IPA 5.7% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Our own version of a traditional brewed IPA. A headstrong beer, with a smooth refreshing and lightly fruity taste of tangerine. Brewed with the finest hops and according to the ‘old school’ Belgian brewing method. Tastes like an adventure!

Beer Herkenrode Noctis 7.0% Alc 330ml, 4-pack

SILVER MEDAL @ WORLD BEER AWARDS GOLD MEDAL @ WORLD BEER AWARDS 2016 + 2018 !! This is ALSO one of the sole 23 official Belgian Abbey Beers!

Beer Cornelissen Luxury Lager 5.5% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Our luxury lager beer, brewed according to the old traditional Belgian brewing method of lager beer. A tasty and refreshing lager beer with a perfect mixture of carefully choosen hops and malts. A real authentic proud Belgian lager beer.

Beer Herkenrode Cister Bottle 6.5% Alc 750ml

GOLD MEDAL @ WORLD BEER AWARDS 2019, BRONZE MEDAL @ AIBA AWARDS 2018 !! A new beer of Herkenrode being launched from August 15th, 2017. From the foundation in 1182 till the French revolution the Cistercian nuns brewed their own Abbey beer.

Beer Pax Pilsner 5.0% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Pax Pils, a refreshing lager, is Brouwerij Cornelissen’s flagship beer. This clear, golden- yellow beer is brewed using traditional methods and was described as “a really tasty lager that boasts an age-old traditional flavour and brewing process” by beer guru Michael Jackson back in 1993.

MEGA DISCOUNT! Beer Limburgse Witte Pear Apple 4.2% Alc 330ml, 6-pack

Our Limburgse Witte enriched with artisan-crafted juice of delicious, natural pears and apples. A sparkling and proud wheat beer. A festive salute to our beloved fruit region.
$21.99 $14.99