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Craft Beer American Pale Ale 5.5% Alc 440ml

American Pale Ale style dry hopping ale. In a pronounced aroma of American hops Cascade and Citra intertwined notes of wildflowers, tropical fruits and pine needles. It has a refreshing taste and a pleasant hop bitterness in the aftertaste.

Craft Beer Chocolate Stout 7% 440ml

Beer drink "Chocolate Stout" pasteurized. Stout with natural dark chocolate. The brightness of the aroma is in harmony with the sweetish, moderately bitter taste and chocolate and coffee notes of burnt and caramel malts at the finish.

Craft Beer Indian Pale Ale IPA 5.9% Alc 440ml

Fragrant ale brewed in the already classic American IPA style. Thanks to hops, Citra and Amarillo have a pronounced aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. Easy to drink, harmoniously combines rich taste and moderate hop bitterness.

Craft Beer Rye Ale 5.6% 440ml

Dark noble ale, the aroma of which exquisitely combines bread crust from the rye malt, caramel and fruit notes. Taste pronounced, harmonious, with moderate bitterness and sweetish aftertaste of wine at the finish.

Beer Baltika 5 Golden Pale Lager 5.3% 450ml

Buy 1 case (24 cans) and get 5% OFF Discount! A lager beer produced using select varieties of pale and caramel malts and the best quality hops. This beer variety has a light and harmonious aroma, mild malt taste and fine, "pure" hops bitterness. The ingredients are water, light barley malt and caramel malt, maltose syrup and hops.

Beer Captain Jack Okocim Bottle 6% 400ml

Captain Jack draws from the favourite drink of pirates, offering rum and spicy aromas balanced with refreshing citrus notes. Thanks to the distinctive taste of beer, it is an interesting alternative to alcoholic beverages. It is best served with lime or lemon that go perfectly with the rum aroma.
$4.99 $3.99

Beer Kozel Dark - 3.8% Alc 500ml

Buy 1 case (20 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Aroma is simply of clean toasted grains. Flavour is the same initially, not overpoweringly dark in flavour, moving to slight sweetness.

Beer Lech 5.0% alc 500ml

Buy 1 case (20 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Golden in colour, light aroma compliment its soft light texture. Lightly sweet flavours dominate the taste with a gentle bitter finish.

Beer Tyskie 5.5% Alc 500ml

Buy 1 case (20 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! This beer is dominated by hops, on the nose, with a nice leafiness and nettle-bed quality.

Beer Zatecky Gus - 4.6 % Alk 900ml

Zatecky Gus (Zhatetsky goose) is a light lager with a light traditional flavour. This beer is brewed on the original recipe with the addition of famous Czech aromatic hop of Zhatetsky variety. This hop gives the beer its specific aroma and slight bitterness.
$5.49 $4.12