Русский Джин Barrister 43% 700ml

A secret of Barrister gin is a separate distillation of aromatic spirits. The bright and memorable taste of Barrister Russian Gin contains gentle notes of camomile, lime tree flowers, oregano and liquorice. Barrister Russian Gin is a very limited product as it is aged and distributed in very small batches. This is done to ensure the quality of drink in its every drop.
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After 2 years of experiments in gin distillation, we’ve created a unique product based on traditional Russian botanicals growing not far from the distillery: - chamomile - linden tree blossom - licorice - a local type of oregano

Barrister Russian Gin 43% ABV is produced in small batches and highlights the bright design of the bottle - dark red gloss with a gold cap and label. The main interest in this gin is expected to be generated in export markets. In 2020 Barrister Russian Gin was awarded a Gold medal at Frankfurt International Trophy.

Make your own cocktail!

Barrister Russian - The Winkle
60ml Barrister Russian Gin
3 pieces of Sage leaves
15ml Limoncello Petrone
15ml Simple syrup
Garnish Orange peel and pomegranate seeds

Share and strain in a cocktail glass. Delicious!

Barrister Russian -the drink is created for consumption in its pure form. As an ingredient of mixed drinks, it behaves perfectly in various variations of martinis or in combination with herbal sodas. Recommendations for use with tonics:

Thomas Henry: Mystic Mango, Pink Grapefruit

Fever-tree: Indian Tonic Water, Citrus Tonic Water

Fentimans: Rose Lemonade, Wild English Elderflower, Sparkling Lime & Jasmine

London Essence: Original Indian Tonic Water, Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water

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