Игристое вино Абрау Дюрсо сухое белое 11.5% Алк 750мл

Доступность: В наличии
Артикул: 4607026340132
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Вино белое Riesling Erben - 11.5% Алк 750мл

In the glass, the colour of this wine is a wonderful light melon yellow. Its aroma conjures up green apples. On the palate, this wine reveals the distinct fruitiness of peaches, apricots and ripe apples, which is in perfect harmony with the fresh, elegant, well integrated acidity and delicate smoothness. A wonderful, clean fi nish underlines the special quality of this vivacious and yet harmoniously subtle Riesling.
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Вино розовое Rose Erben - 11.5% Алк 750мл

Here the successful Dornfelder grape has been developed into an off-dry rosé and promises to be a top seller. Its colour can’t fail to impress with a light purple tone. On the nose, you can already experience the scent of ripe forest fruits. On the palate, this wine reveals the fruity aromas of sour cherries, blackcurrants and elderberries. In contrast to the usual light rosé wines, this rosé has quite a bold character with an intense fruitiness.
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